Saturday, July 25, 2009

Augrabies to Gauteng

We left the next day from Augrabies after taking a walk to the fall. It is very well layed out and we could have stayed a few days but we had an appointment in GP on wendesday. So we headed past Kuruman - northern cape - and stayed at a little private game park called Kameelboom lodge, about 10k's before Vryburg. It is a fantastic place albeit a bit close to the national road, but they had springbok all around us and a couple of Eland's that ate out of Colleens hand and also a Emu which got very over friendly with me and I had to run away from it as it seemed to have rather amarous intentions. Now I know why the australians call their suspension systems - "Old man Emu". Colleen thought this was great fun and clicked away on the camera. I am not posting these pics as I didnt think it funny at all. Okay.... I'll show you one just before I ran away

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