Saturday, July 25, 2009

GP to Botswana to Zim.

We stayed a few days - more shopping - and spending time with Colleens sister Lorna and her Husband Peter and their family - and what a lovely family they are too, and thanks for puting us up for a few nights (quite a few) and running around for us as well.

We are leaving tomorrow - Sunday - for the botswana border where we will be crossing at Martins Drift ( a quiet border post ) where we will also be camping. On monday we will go to Francistown and camp just out side of the town itself and on tuesday or wednesday we will go into Zim and stay just before Bullawayo and then go on to the Zimbabwe Ruins at Masvingo where we will stay before heading off to a place past Harare called Chinhoyi where we will stay with some people on a lake, then head off to the Mana Pools to really start our holiday. Mana Pools is on the Zim/Zambia border on the Zambesi river. This would be about the end of July unless we go to Lake Kariba for a few days but our main aim is to get up north fairly quickly to catch the Migration in the Serengeti (Tanzania)and Masai Mara in Kenya. but we have to pick up our daughter Cindy in Dar es Selaam on the 22nd of august who will be joining us for the migration. The lower part or South west Zambia we will do another time, but we will go traverse through Zambia to get to Tanzania.


  1. Glad to see you getting the hang of the Blog, not back for someone as oomish as yourself, hope all is well, travel well

  2. Got an SMS on Saturday to say all is going well from the shores of lake Kariba, heading direction Mana Pools shortly.