Monday, August 3, 2009

28th July Zimbabwe

We headed for Matopo’s National park which is just before Bulawayo. A very peaceful campsite following a quiet slow drive from the border as we hardly even saw another vehicle. We chose this site because from Woodlands it was only 220 km’s, just in case it may have taken us longer through the border customs, and also it was too far to Masvinga (Zimbabwe Ruins) where we were going to stay the next night. It was so peaceful here, that I left Colleen alone, as she was writing notes in her diary , and took a walk for about an hour doing a bit of investigating and looking at the water fowl etc, on the dam. When I came back the sun was nearly down and Colleen said “She can feel her Soul healing”. This was quiet something as there was no one within about 5 km’s from us. No security, No village or people, no Parks board officials other than those at the entrance booking office 5 km’s away. WE WERE UTTERLY ALONE. We must have been crazy. Being alone like this in Africa!!!! Weren’t we frightened? The answer is No. It was just the most peaceful place.
Then a long drive to Masvinga and only arrived as the sun went down. We stayed at Kyle Lake (dam) Lodge / Camping site about 6 km’s from the Zimbabwe ruins. Although typical of all government and Zim Parks camping sites there is no HOT water. However they opened up a Chalet for us to use the hot showers and for Colleen to Wash her hair, this was wonderful. Here too we were the only campers, but they left us with a security guard for the night, his name was Clevermashirri. I asked him what that meant and he said Brilliant!!! Colleen gave him some supper and he went on his knees and clapped his hands together in thanks. I think it has been a long time since he has seen a plate of food like that.
The next morning we sent Clevermashirri on his way and decided that I was not going to drive but to take the day off. So Colleen spent a couple hours washing our dirty clothes and then we set off for the ruins. Well let me say that the Zimbabwe Ruins is absolutely fantastic as well as all the history that our Guide Kennedy told us. Well worth the visit even if it means going out of your way to go there. Tomorrow we set off for Banket near Chinoyi – about 85 km’s past Harare a total of 650km’s. It’s going to be a long day.

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