Saturday, August 22, 2009

19th August Tanzania Dar es Salaam.

We stopped over for a night at Mikumi National park, I would have preferred Ruaha but plan to do that on our way back when we have more time. Great small park, saw lots of giraffe’s with a two little ones and the mother all alone. We found the remains of the father. I don’t think they will be around much longer as we also spotted a big male lion near the front entrance not far from the Giraffe’s on the way in. Also Ellies, buffalo, hippo’s wilderbees, and bokkies as usual. Also saw the “Burchell Coucal”.
Next day we arrived at Dar es Salaam, everyone said the traffic was hectic so we expected the worst. All was okay and Colleen kept quiet and didn’t nag too much and left me to concentrate on the driving or should I say avoiding the traffic. We arrived at Sunset Hotel and camp on south beach. Jean Visser recommended this to us. We camped right on the beach under Coconut trees. We met two couples that Jean had met in Ghana. 1 couple are from Liechtenstein – Robin and Dianna they send their regards to Jean and Hannelie. Also we had a beach party with Steve and Roxy – ex South Africans but living in London who also met Jean and Hannelie in Ghana and are on their return trip up north through Africa. Also with us were an Australian couple Phil and Christy. We had a really great party with Colleen and Roxy trying to teaching each other to dance. This was after we had picked up Cindy from the airport and I think Colleen was very excited with her daughter being with us that Roxy and Colleen seemed to try and out drink each other. We got to bed at 1 am. The latest night so far.
Tomorrow the 23rd we head up to the Serengeti.

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  1. Got an SMS from the Oom, saying they were leaving Arusha for the crater this AM, otherwise all well.