Friday, August 14, 2009

South Luanga 14th August

14th August

South Luangwa

We left south Luangwa this afternoon heading back to Chipata – Mama Rula’s Camp site. We only spent 2 nights in S L which was fantastic. Plans changed a bit as we realizes we are running out of time. Met some Capetoneons – doctors – Anton and Jean …………..and also another couple Rory and Brenda Spence from PE. We were still with the English family and had great fun together. Wildlife Camp is fantastic. Right on the waters edge – the Luangwa river - Hippos grunting all day and night. We went for a night drive through the park last night, and saw what remained of a big pride of lions kill – buffalo. The lions all fat and fed and lying next to the side of the road in the grass doing nothing, so no so interesting watching sleeping lions. Colleen wasn’t interested in tickling the nearest ones tummy with a stick, just thought it would liven up things a bit. The next morning we took a drive in the Prado to around the park and as we approached the same pride we saw the night before they all started to walk towards us down the road. 3 little cubs were the best and one was even dragging a piece of cloth in its mouth – looked like the seat of someone’s pants. We counted 16 in all but only saw one male – Simba. We heard the big daddy roaring a bit deeper in the bush and sometimes the one cub also made a squeaky roar, I think he will have his own pride – Harem - one day. Also noticed one had a collar. It really is fantastic here as the park follows along the river and you can just park off along the banks for a few hours in absolute peace. We will come again and spend at least 5/6 days here, but we are off now to meet Cindy next Friday in Dar es Salaam just 1980 km’s away.

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  1. Ok now I am officially jealous :( Thanks for the update.