Friday, August 14, 2009

Kariba 31st July

31st July.


Just after leaving Masvinga (the Ruins) we got cell phone signal and called Colby to check if it was still ok to stay at his folks place in Banket, and wouls you believe it Colby was less than a Km away from us. Within 2 mins we met him and his new wife Anthea and her daughter – Kaylea at the garage where Colby had just done some repairs to his boat trailer wheel bearings. Never the less we stayed with them and his folks at Banket over looking a beautiful lake. What a lovely family they are, we all sat around the dining table having supper and enjoying each others company.
Next morning we were off to Kariba town to a private camp site called (Lake View) Lomangundi but spelt incorrectly as Romangundi on T4A ( Tracks 4 Africa). This is a very nice clean campsite 15 k’s outside Kariba Town, with reasonable ablutions – lots of trees and situated on the Lake shore. Again we were the only campers but were surrounded by private (mostly Holiday) homes with a few occupants. During the night we were surrounded by Hippo’s up to 11 one evening and it made braaiing a bit difficult because you had to keep watching your back and the fire at the same time. Although hippo’s are big, they creep up very quietly whilst eating the lawns. They don’t need petrol mowers here for their lawns. We can highly recommend this camp site to fellow travellers, it also has 24 hour security. Cost was $21 per night for the 2 of us.

3rd August.

Trailer Breakdown.

I looked under the trailer to see how the rewelded shock was doing and noticed the other shock had now broken off. Now I was getting really pissed off and noticed that the Shackle hanger was also broken / sheared right off. So now we have Major problems. I spoke to one of the local owners that were driving past us a quite often during the day busy helping to prepare the camp for the “Kariba Marathon’ this week-end. He suggested I go into Kariba town and speak to KB engineering (boat builders) I took off the shackle and the broken piece of the hanger and went to town, KB eng, said no problem they (Wilfred the black – forman) would make new shackle hangers for both sides and new Shock mounting plates which we would weld to the axle and make it stronger than Echo’s design and to make sure that they would never break again. When I cam back a local home owner Mike Jahme who was holidaying there at the time came past and offer his assistance. When I told him our problem he offered 2 their staff to help remove the axle. To cut alone storey short one side of the trailer fell on one of the workers . quickly the other worker and myself with the hilift jack got the guy out with only bruising to his foot – lucky nothing more serious. Some of the other locals came to out assistance and in no time had the axle off. Our heartiest thanks go out to Karva and Jerry who helped each and every time I asked, even though they had their hands full with the upcoming Marathon event. Then Mike cam along and said you cant stay here tonight whilst you are fixing the axle you better come stay with us, Colleen and I protested but with our rubber arms and depressed faces we could not resist and for the next to days we entertained by Mike and Elsie, fed three meals a day till we could eat no more or even drink any more nad even took us on a fabulous boat sundowners cruise. We lived like kings, and these we total strangers who just opened up their home to us. I must say that Jean Vissers suggestion to go through Zim to Zambia was the best ever. The Zimbabweans are fantastic people. We will definitely be back again. To Mike and Elsie, Thanks again and we will make every effort to meet up with you on your farm on our return trip. We hope and pray that the problems with you loosing your farm will resolve and you will be able to keep your farm after all.

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