Friday, September 4, 2009

23th August – Dar es Salaam Battery problems

Leaving this camp was difficult as we had made good friends here at Sunrise Beach camp in Dar es Salaam and was a gr8 place to unwind. However we left and Headed through the traffic to the ferry crossing. This is the first time we have taken the Prado and trailer on the ferry, previously we did the 39k circular stretch which took over an hour, but saying that one can also wait an hour of more to cross with the ferry. The reason why we had to go in to town centre today – Sunday is because I discovered that the Prado’s main engine battery was playing up over the last week as 2 cells were dead. Being Sunday the main suppliers were closed so had to use a back yard dealer, suspect, but we had little choice. It was not the exact same battery but from a 79 series cruiser – the terminals are on the opposite sides, however a bit of juggling around with the cables and it fitted. By now it was 11am and we still had 380 k’s to go to our next stop.

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