Friday, September 25, 2009

19th Sept – Mombasa

The roads from Navaisha through Nairobi to Mombasa were still being built. Nairobi was slow with a lot of traffic circles being manned by cops. The city itself looked very modern with fancy glassed high-rise buildings and more still in the process of being constructed. But after that the roads were particullaly bad as for each few kilo’s of new roads there was detour on really rough stuff whilst bridges and causeways were being constructed. These detour’s soured the whole trip. We had one overnight stop at Tsavo Inn, an old hotel – very colonial – but pleasant rooms and good food. What pissed me off was that locals pay 3000 K shillings for B&B and we have to pay $90 – that’s about 7200 KS. The next day we arrived at the "Royal Reserve Beach Club Hotel", just north of Mombasa at a place by the sea called Kikambala. A very fancy place indeed, with lots of things happening all the time. We had supper one evening to a local traditional dance group and we were even dragged in to join them on stage just for some embarrassing fun. It was strange to hear the Hotels disc jockey was playing gospel music all through super. I don’t think it was quite what the patrons had in mind by the bewildered looks of some of their faces but no- one complained and some it seemed enjoyed it. We met up with some South Africans, again, and often joined them at meal times or just chatting in the pool, which was often as it was very hot being not far from the equator. Colleen really loved it here – just up her ally. Tomorrow we go into the centre of Mombasa to have the Prado serviced having done 15000k’s since it’s last one. The staff wanted to wash the Prado – as by now it really looked worse for wear because all the accumulated mud and dust, but we told them to leave it alone as we wanted it to look like we’ve done a serious safari trip when we get home. However the manager did not want dirty looking vehicles at the entrance to their fancy resort and commanded them to wash it without us knowing. We were surprised when we saw it – and also a bit pissed off because maybe they rubbed the dirt over the paintwork and damaged the surface. We have been through a fair amount of heavy rain and that didn’t get the dirt off so only with rubbing could they get it clean. Anyway too late to cry over spilt milk. Gordon will have to sort it out when we get back home. There’s already a few extra scratches accumulated since we left, what with the collision with the taxi in Lusaka and a number of flying stones kicked up at us including a chipped windscreen, and rear bumper knock’s from the trailer hitch, all which is expected on a trip like this. I’ve been so laid back that I completed Riaan Manser’s biography "Around Africa on a Bicycle". This is a very inspiring book – not that I want to ride a bicycle – but that one can actually turn their dreams into reality. So the moral is – don’t stop dreaming.
Thursday I go on a double dive trip to the marine reserve which should be interesting as there’s a good chance of seeing a whale shark amongst other things. On Saturday we drive to Lamu +- 320k’s north from here and park the Prado and go by ferry over to Lamu Island for a few days. Lamu is a very old world place a bit like the old Lisbon, very narrow streets with the buildings on each side nearly touching each other . I think this will be the last time we spoil ourselves as its time to start thinking about going south to HOME!!!!.
I think we will leave by Tuesday from Lamu and start heading to Malawi, arriving there on about the 3rd October.

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  1. Thanks for the update Oom, had to laugh at your getting trashed comment ;)