Friday, September 4, 2009

23rd August – Dar to Pangani Camp

The ferry was rather quick and after drawing more $$$ from the ATM we were on our way to Snake Park Camp. It was more suited to backpackers but as it was only one night it had to do. I must say that the Police stops are everywhere, I would say about ever 20 k’s, but they are very great and are just inquisitive to know who we are and where we are going and a friendly “Welcome to Tanzania” a hand shake and we are off again to the next stop. I have never known a country with so many Speed Bumps, drives you crazy!!!! This was a lovely camp site on the river (Pangani) and again we had the place to our selves. By now Colleen and Cindy were really enjoying themselves. We passed plantation after plantation of Sisal plants. They had a jetty on the river and a chair that looked like a “long drop” at the end. I was about to try if when the girls could me in the act.

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