Friday, September 4, 2009

25th August - Kudu Camp – Ngorongoro

We are now in Kudu Camp Park – Karatu, also very pretty with a gr8 bar and pretty gardens. This is because tomorrow we go into the Ngorongoro Crater and will stay there one night at Simba Camp A on the rim of the crater, and as Tanzanian Park fees are hellishly expensive we need to use up the 24 hour permit to our best advantage, this means going into the park at 11 am, drive to the camp, drop off the trailer, pick up out compulsory guide which is included in the $200 crater fees and spend the next 6 hours in the crater before coming out again the camp on the rim. Well to say the least the Crater is absolutely wonderful. We saw all, and I mean ALL, except leopard. Lots of lazy fat Lions lying belly up. Their was a hungry looking Cheetah waiting to catch it’s supper when it started to walk it had a very bad limp in it’s hind leg. Obviously it had been injured and hence the reason it looked hungry is it could not hunt. It is like a huge plain with game everywhere in huge quantities, Also their was water – although its the dry season -the lake is fed by a spring. The contrast from the rim down into the crater is vast, freezing cold on the rim at 2360m and very misty with a dense forest leading up the top. The crater is quite warm and dry, only one section has a forest which is beautiful and full of ellies and giraffe. Apparently it’s even nicer in the wet season as from November onwards the whole centre of the crater is filled up with millions of Pink Flamingoes. There were some there now but only a few thousand. One thing was that you got herds of cattle grazing amounst the wild game and the lions don’t go near the Maasai, apparently the smell of them and also their brightly coloured blankets scare the lions away. Amazing that Wild life and domesticated animals can live together in harmony. I wish people could do the same.

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