Friday, September 4, 2009

24th August - Arusha Town

We left Pangani and arrived in Arusha, I must say it’s a lovely lush city, very pretty with lots and lots of gardens and parks. I think you could buy anything you wanted here – it’s a great shopping centre. We managed to eventually find the Wild Frontiers Office to confirm our booking to the Tented Camp Lodge in the Serengeti. This will be the first accommodation that we had had in 5 weeks other than camping. The guys there were fantastic with helping us to plan the next week of our trip. We then left and drove 25k’s to Snake Park Camp via the Zain Cell provider and bought a local sim card. We found that the use of the Sat Phone that Adolf lent us a bit restricting as the connections that we have had so far (about 25mins) are of very poor quality and we have to keep repeating ourselves with the signal coming and going.
Besides the Camp having a snake park – which we did not go and see ­-they also have some camels – not quite sure what they do with them, but better still they have a gr8 pub.
I found the owner of Snake Park Camp also has a workshop that repairs cruisers and he has also rebuilt 2 of them. One is a mid 60 FJ45 with 1F motor and the other is a “FJ43” see the pics, I could not establish the year model, but have posted some pics here. Someone please tell Adolf about the 43.

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