Friday, September 4, 2009

30th August - Maasai Mara

We left Musoma to Sirari border post, Was easy peasy but then we hit the worst crappiest road or “No Road” for 150 k’s to Maasai Mara. At this stage all held together in one piece. Maasai Mara was not what we were expecting. Ok so they have the world renowned Wildebees migration crossing, We missed this by 3 days, however because the weather pattern has changed the Mara was low, and therefore not as many drowning as normal, funny they say the crocs don’t eat the drowned animals, they want to kill there own food. Most of the animals are drowned because the mass of them jumping and being pushed under by the mass. However the masses are much less these days only and couple hundred thousand at a time. We saw a number of big very big fat crocs and all the spoor of the wildebees and a number of carcases but not at the waters edge mostly I think they died from injuries sustained at the crossing of were attacked by lions when they came out of the Mara . Other than that if you imagine very large herds of cattle on a farm and replace the cattle with wildebees then that’s the Maasai Mara for you. Just large very large herds og wildebees cattle. The public campsite at $25 per head was in a dense bushy area but absolutely no facilities, not even a tap. So nor more Maasai mara for us. Then we left the Mara and went to Kericho and camped at the Tea Plantation Hotel, again the “No Roads” were so bad that we broke the trailers main spring blade. But we kept going all the way to Uganda. Buy now the trailer shock’s wers useless and the plastic sleeve cover had actually melted and all the oil bled out.

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