Thursday, September 10, 2009

6th Sept Entebee - Cindy goes home

So this morning we dropped Cindy at the airport at 6:30 to fly home, We were of course rather sad, as we had a wonderful time enjoying her company, enthusiasm, and as a travelling companion for the last 2 weeks. When we got back to the camp, the heavens opened up and it rained, with thunder and lightening - ALL day.
The next morning we left for Murchison Falls Park., we had a great road all the way until the beginning of the park where it had just rained and we had wet red mud all over the Prado and the trailer. This part of the trip was bad. On the way we saw “Long horned” cattle. We also noticed that the East African baboons look much more furry than our “Chagma” local cape baboon. We stayed at Red Chilli (also same company as Red Chilli in Kampala.) The next day we discovered yet another NEW leaf spring on the trailer was broken. However we still went on the most fabulous boat ride for 3 hours up to the falls, on the “Nile River”. There was a fantastic amount of game all the way along the river. Buffalo were bathing in the water right next to the Hippo’s, crocs and warthogs in the back ground. In the pic you will see this giant Nile crocodile’s head is the same size as the Hippo’s head.
We spent 2 nights wonderful there, amazing bird life as well. We returned to Kampala the next day to have another spring fitted to the trailer, We found out that the mechanic’s assistant had “Graunched” the shakel up so tight that it could not move and hence the extra strain on the leaf spring caused it to brake.
Tomorrow we hope to head over to Kenya with our first stop at Lake Baringo (NW Nairobi) where apparently the Flamingos have been arriving in the millions. After that to Mombassa

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