Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10th October – Chintheche

The road to Chinteche from Chitimba although only 260 k’s was slow going and over a beautiful but very steep pass, of which several trucks had over turned. One was over half way across the road lying on it’s side which made passing a struggle, especially for the trucks ahead of us. We are staying at Chintheche Inn. Funny thing is when we stayed at Sunrise beach in Dar es Salaam, we met briefly, a South African couple from Durbs – Dave and Eva – who mentioned they were in the hotel trade and were touring for 6 months and on their way to Mozambique. When we booked in here at Chintheche a pretty blonde with a big smile said “I’m sure we have met” well within a minute or so we established that we met at Dar. She said that her and Dave had their holiday cut short because the Hotel Group management need them for a short term to manage Chitheche Inn. Again, a small world. This is 5 star camping. You just don’t get better than this. (It is also a hotel with lovely cabin style rooms. On the lake under a big Mango tree gentle breeze to keep the otherwise scorching heat off us, with clean, classy ablutions. Today it’s only 12 o’clock and we have already been swimming twice in the crystal clear water. There is a bit of a swell running with waves of about 2/3 foot to make things a bit more real, as it feels like we are on the sea instead of a lake. Some useless info, Think of the Calendar – the lake is 365 miles long 52 miles wide and has 12 rivers flow into it. Now you know why this lake feels like a deep blue ocean with tropical shores. If anyone needs to slack out and doesn’t particularly want to see wild life then Malawi is the place for them. Beautiful white beaches and crystal blue waters. We will be coming again for sure, maybe even next year.
Also Camping in Chintheche were a german couple who come to Africa once a year for 2 months. They keep their 1982 Landcruiser 3B diesel in Lusaka while they are away and fly in every year. Not a bad Idea, he says he’s been here for 8 years doing different trips.

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