Thursday, October 22, 2009

11th October – Chinteche2

At Chinteche us with a guy by the name of Mike Marsh driving a TDI with RTT (Roof Top Tent) and Wolf Stainless steel towing a trailer. At first I thought he was traveling with others. I found him very friendly and joined him for supper with Dave and Eva. It turns out that Mike (as retired Gen.. Manager Old Mutual - Kenya and lives at Jakkelsfontein - westcoast) Was on a trip with his wife Jakkie years and went diving off a little island south of Malawi and on the way up to the surface his wife had a heart attack and by the time they reached the shore she had died. And here we are sitting with this most amazing guy in his mid 60's and only a month ago lost his lifelong partner, and he has just returned from Burying his wife back home all alone to continue on their trip. Our Hearst really went out to Mike (who has 2 sons) and stayed an extra day just to be with him.

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