Tuesday, October 20, 2009

27th September – Kenya to Tanzania

Malindi camp, the only camp left to stay (others all closed down) was not great but we had no choice and was only an overnighter anyway. The manager of the place arrived that night spaced out – on “Mirah”. He showed me some and I tried a piece. Its like thin and long shoots with a few little leaves that grow on a large tree. You strip off the skin of the shoot by pulling it through your teeth and chew on this skin – much like chewing tobacco – but is bitter as hell. You have to chew plenty of it for a few hours before the world gets a better place. I didn’t have the taste for it nor the inclination as by this stage I had paid the manager and he was off to a club, and it was a Sunday. This Mirah has taken off in northern Africa and is now spreading south. Apparently it only has a shelf life of 1 – 2 days and gets flown overnight all over the place even to London. This frightening stuff and is cheap. What next?

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