Thursday, October 22, 2009


Since we left South Africa, we had seen Firewood and Charcoal for sale on the side of the roads and also being carried on peoples’ heads, on bicycles and trucks, along the way through all the countries we had visited for thousands of kilometres. But I have never seen so much smoke and the burning of fields and vegetation as in Mozambique. The whole way from Malawi to Zimbabwe was just in flames with a solid haze of smoke everywhere. Everytime we got to the top of a rise we were greeted to more smoke and more flames everywhere as far as your eyes could see. Total devastation and an absolute disregard for the consequences of what they are doing to their own country, never mind what they are doing to the atmosphere. I was deeply saddened and terribly disappointed as it seemed no one was doing anything or even caring about it. Like a whole breed of pyromaniacs were let loose on a mission to destroy as much as they could in a short a time as possible, and here right on South Africa’s door step.

Evan the roads are stuffed in places. Mozambique has gone to the dogs

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