Tuesday, October 20, 2009

29th September – Tanga.

South of Mombasa. We had one stop at Diani Bech Resort and Camp – a small place not on T4A or any other guide book but gr8 for a day or 2 then went on to Peponi Beach resort. Now this is a place you can chill at for a week or so. We stayed 2 nights as we wanted to get on to Malawi. The owners, Denys and Gilly Roberts who knew my uncle was great and we met some ex Capies (who now live in Knysna) who Colleen used to play tennis with 12 years ago. Lionel and June Willmore ( he is ex Unicef Investment Bank) they are travelling with a Challenger off road Caravan – the big one – I don’t know the model name. But they have not had one bit of problem with the suspension in 3 months travelling – and its independent coil spring. Just goes to show you – its possible. This is an awesome camp site on the sea shore with no hassles’ from the locals ( a big plus).

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