Tuesday, October 20, 2009

6th October Chitemba beach Campsite

We made good time from Kisolonga and had the quickest border crossing ever. Form exiting Tanzania to leaving the Malawi Immigration was only 20 minutes. I challenge anyone to beat that. We arrived at Chitembe, must say the first time on our way up we didn’t stop here because the sign and road looked suspect, but after hearing the name mentioned by fellow travellers we came straight here. And what a surprise, very much like Pepeoni Beach camp in Tanga south Mombasa. It’s run by a Dutch couple Eddie and wife. On the lake, nice big trees close to swim, with a lovely bar and restaurant. Also we camped on GRASS, meaning Kikuyu. No more dirty dust feet, which by now we had plenty of. We met a south African couple Jan and Liza – in their mid 40’s (our age He he) and spent 4 days here. They had been at cool Runnings with Jane Stone and travel mate Doug. So all the Skinner was flowing. Short story is that Jane got involved with a guy from UK (Scotland) and dropped Doug to camp on his own for a while, and moved off with this oak. Then came back picked up Doug and shot off to Durban to drop Doug at his home with her Cruiser, flew to cape Town to pick up her anti safari clothes and flew straight over to UK. How’s that for skinner? Anyway we are leaving now going south to Chintheche and then to Cool Runnings then on to SA.

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