Thursday, October 22, 2009

14th October – Zomba Plateau

We were told that there was a good stop over at the Lilongwe Nat Park south of Malawi so we thought it was on our way to Mozambique anyway so we would try it. Well the camp site was not up to much and spent a while driving around in 38 deg heat and decided then to go up to the Zomba Plateau which is a much higher altitude and is a state forest mountain. The camp side was pretty run down but was great being only 15 deg. On the was up we were amaized to see wood cutters with bicycles so overloaded with fire wood with no space for the rider other than to walk down next to the bike with one hand holding the load upright and the other on the handle bar holding the brakes on. They must have had about 400 pieces of wood, I would say close to half a bakkie load on each bicycle. However we stayed the night and left early next morning to cross the border into Mozambique at Mwanza. The crossing was easy and we headed down the Tete corridor to the Zimbabwe border at Mutare 2 days away. We stayed on the other side of the bridge that crosses the Zambezi river, at Zambezi Lodge in a gr8 air conditioned bedroom as it was very hot here. That night Colleen and I had the biggest prawns LM style peri peri we have ever had.

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